About me

sven_icon5 ABOUT ME
I am a 39 years old man from Norway, that came to Denmark a couple of years ago and went to medical school. Lives in Viborg, where i works as a doctor and now a PhD-student. Have a fiancee, a daughter and a son, that i use most of my days to care for.

There are some areas of interest, among that is:
– photography/camera
– computer/graphics
– diving
– hiking
– mountainbike

This site is to share my daily day, but most of all my interest for photography.

• Nikon D90 + Nikon DX 18-105 mm ED VR
• Olympus iS-100s GAL (use a Canon Scanner, to digitalize my pictures)

Address: 8800 Viborg
Mobil: (+45) Yes, I got one